The Zephyr School Newspaper

Students who work on the school newspaper The Zephyr will explore what it means to be a journalist in the 21st century. Students will take the role of staff writers as editorial writers, analysis writers, review writers, profile writers, and photojournalists as they explore how to write newspaper articles and why we do so in society. Articles written for The Zephyr will appear online on The Zephyr's website.


Selfies Through the Ages

Selfies Through the Ages will explore a history of self-portraiture in Western art, asking questions about the creation of self-portraits as a reflection of the self. Through looking at the work of artists such as Diego Velazquez, Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, as well as the modern self-portraits of selfie phenomenon’s Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and President Obama, we will explore the way people choose to portray themselves and how the choices they make affect our perceptions of them as people. Then, we will take all of our questions and knowledge and use them to create our own self-portraits and explore how we see ourselves.



This elective is designed to meet the needs of every student, from complete beginners to advanced level tennis players.  Students will learn the history of tennis while simultaneously developing the fundamental skills of the sport.  Additionally, we will invite experts to join us as we improve our own game.  


Film Production, Acting, Directing and Editing

Lights, Camera, Action!  Through a partnership with Take Two Film Academy, students will work together in teams to write and produce short films.  At the end of each term, students will have at least one scene shot and edited with  professional editing software.  


The Art of Jewelry

Join founder and designer of Ela Rae Jewelry, Pamela Mufson, as she offers her expertise on all things jewelry. In this course, you will get a taste of how a real jewelry brand is created. From design inspiration and hand-made technique to marketing and product placement, you will learn how each collection starts as an idea and ends up in retail, all while creating your own one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces.



It’s not just creating paper cranes. Did you know that many mathematicians, engineers, and artists are using origami as a means to ask and answer thought-provoking mathematical questions? You can too! In this course, you will expand your number sense and understanding of geometry, while creating beautiful origami figures that will support our first learning expedition.  


NYC Greening 

In this elective, you will not only learn about environmental issues in New York City, you will play an active role in improving the city. The two main issues that we will address are the effects of climate change on the city and pollution in New York Harbor. We will learn about energy-efficient lighting as we help the Phelps Apartments on the Upper West Side transition to LED light bulbs. Then, we will learn about how New York Harbor has been polluted and what we can do to improve the water quality by raising oysters in the Hudson River. Scientists in this elective will design their own experiment about a question that they have related to raising oysters. If you like solving problems, helping others, and being outside, you’ll definitely enjoy this elective. 


Alvin Ailey:  Jazz & Hip Hop

Come work alongside an Alvin Ailey dance instructor in our dance studio!  This elective will explore the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance and Jazz technique while learning about the musical and cultural traditions of Hip Hop dance and its historical context.  The elective will include a live performance at the end of the 8-week cycle!  



Our music elective is open to any student who loves to sing and wants to learn to play piano in a keyboard lab setting.  Students will sing repertoire from a variety of genres and styles. Students will explore the elements of music while learning basic keyboarding skills. You will learn notes/notation on the musical scale as well as note values. You will also gain a better understanding of various musical rhythms and symbols as you play music from a selection of genres of music.  This elective will include a live performance at the end of the 8-week cycle!