Our Core Values

We believe that wonder is the spark that propels our students to explore further and question the world around them.  When we cultivate inquiring minds through investigation and exploration, students enthusiastically immerse themselves in the learning process, seek knowledge for its own sake, and delight in being amazed at what they discover, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

"It was a very hard decision to make, but after lots of thought it was the sense of wonder that my school has taught me which ultimately helped me make the decision."

- Sam M., WESS 9th Grader


We learn to demonstrate compassion through both word and deed, to care deeply about others and what befalls them. We develop our students’ ability to feel what another feels and acknowledge that this evolves over time. Compassion is the most genuine and heartfelt identification outside of the self, extending to all living things as we continually seek to understand the circumstances and viewpoints of others. The true practice of compassion continuously recharges itself by inspiring us to promote a peaceful and caring community of learners.

"From that moment on, I knew that if someone who had gone through as much as her friend could keep a compassionate mindset, so could I."

-Emily K., WESS 9th Grader


We inspire our students to envision, formulate, and compose—to bring to life an altogether new and original insight or interpretation. We believe that nothing leads more directly to a feeling of value and self-worth than to do something novel, fresh, and enlightening.  In encouraging creativity, we nourish the independent spirit within us that seeks expression.

"[I realized] that my strength, creativity, will bring people together and help me find confidence in my new school." 

-ChinChin H., WESS 9th Grader


We believe that abilities can be cultivated. We are passionate about extending ourselves, even when confronted by challenges. We foster an environment that converts life’s setbacks into future successes. Consequently, we surpass what we thought was possible and emerge with a sense of fulfillment. Personal growth of this nature results not only in improved self-awareness and confidence, but in a deeper, more profound wisdom that accompanies our students when they embrace challenge and value effort.

"I feel so proud that I have come so far, and through the journey, I will continue to use resilience, and I will continue to push and push my skills and thoughts to the max. I will continue to achieve my goals and do better than I ever thought I could do."

-Casey F., WESS 9th Grader