SLT Minutes and Forms

The WESS School Leadership Team (SLT) is a group of parents and staff that is mandated by state law to play a significant role in creating a collaborative structure for school-based decision-making. The purpose of the SLT is to determine the school’s educational direction – that is, the school’s overall educational vision, its goals and priorities, the strategies that will be used to achieve that vision and the alignment of resources to accomplish those strategies.


The core SLT responsibilities as defined by the Department of Education are:

  • Develop the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP)  

  • Shape path to a collaborative school culture 

  • Develop school-based educational policies aligned with the school-based budget (Galaxy Table of Organization – Public View) 

  • Work in a collaborative manner to understand and evaluate effect on student achievement

The SLT schedule is posted on the school calendar.  Regular SLT meetings are held on Wednesday afternoons, approximately once a month.


For more information, the Chancellor’s Plan for School Leadership Teams is located on the Department of Education website , or please contact any parent member of the SLT. 

Please find the minutes for our 2017-18 SLT meetings below.

October 18th Minutes

November 29th Minutes

December 13th Minutes

January 24th Minutes

February 28th Minutes

April 18th Minutes


Please find the minutes for our 2016-17 SLT meetings below.

September 21st Minutes

November 9th Minutes

November 30th Minutes

December 12th Minutes

January 11th Minutes

March 8th Minutes

April 19th Minutes

June 14th Minutes

Please find the minutes for our 2015-16 SLT meetings below.

November 30th Minutes

January 13th Minutes

February 3rd Minutes

February 10th Minutes

March 23rd Minutes

March 30th Minutes

April 13th Minutes

May 25th Minutes

June 8th Minutes

SLT Bylaws

SLT Bylaws, Amended 2018