School Hours-8:30-2:50


Crew is one of the many ways we ensure that you are well known by your teachers and peers.  Crew is an advisory of 10-12 students who meet two days a week with their crew leader and engage in a process for checking-in, team-building, sharing, and discussion of critical issues. You will remain in the same crew for all seven grades. The extraordinary relationships that such an arrangement fosters will promote a lifelong ring of friendship and trust.  Furthermore, every week the school comes together to celebrate learning and nurture a strong, positive, and caring school culture through community circle, led by students.  



Imagine getting to choose a topic of study and exploring it for a full week beyond our classroom walls with a group of students interested in that same topic. At WESS, you will have the opportunity to engage in week-long intensives after state testing in May.   This is an exciting, high-quality, in-depth educational pursuit that incorporates fieldwork, discussions with experts, and real-world (all hands-on) studies.  You get to choose which intensive you will participate in.  Sample topics include: hiking, musical theater, a particular sport, gaming, fashion, urban gardening, cycling, or engineering.  At the end of the week-long study, you will share your experience with your peers, teachers, and parents.



WESS Debate and WESS Players

WESS Debate and WESS Players have become two of our most popular extra-curricular activities.  Our competitive debate team competes in a high profile league, consistently outperforming both private and public schools.  Another highlight of our after-school program is our musical theater program, showcased each year at the Manhattan Borough Arts Festival.  Students performances are held in our traditional black box theater and have included Annie, 

After-School Programs

A partnership with Manhattan Youth and its middle school athletic leagues allows us to offer a comprehensive after-school program for students.  Check out our Fall offerings here:  

 High school sports will be offered through PSAL. 


Enrichment through Electives

School-wide enrichment clusters, offered three times a week,  are generated by student interest and faculty aptitude as a means to capitalize on interest-based opportunities, encourage talented youngsters, and inspire independent studies.  An extensive partnership with Take Two Film Academy enhances these clusters.  Coding, cooking, maker space, and chorus are just a few of our enrichment offerings.  

College Readiness Begins Early

At WESS, we begin to prepare you for college from the moment you enter our doors. We acknowledge that middle and high school course work is connected to achievement of post-secondary and career goals. We know that successful completion of a challenging and rigorous course of study is often the strongest predictor of college entrance and degree completion.  Numerous studies show that students who have access to a rigorous curriculum, beginning in the middle school, perform better academically in high school and are better prepared for college than those who take less rigorous courses.  Moreover, a challenging and engaging experience will help you stay focused throughout high school, build your academic skills, help you develop effective study habits, and keep you engaged in school-related activities. From the time you enter WESS, we will help you create a road map to college that we will continue to refine each year.  This plan will help you and your parents connect your classes and school experiences to both your short and long-term goals!   


How?  One way is to get out to college campuses! 

Campus visits

Every high school student explores:

At least 2 campuses outside of NYC

At least 2 campuses within NYC

Visits focus on authentic experiences including:

  • Conversations with current college students and professors

  • Classroom visits & library work sessions (reading and reflection)

  • Dining hall